Installation Of

Foundation Piling


Our field workers, some of whom count over 15 years of pile installation experience, are a major asset to our projects’ success.

It’s important to know that this kind of pile acts as a deep foundation. That’s why installing piles is an engineering project that specifically requires the expertise of a specialized structural engineer. This type of hydraulic pile driving is a major project during which every detail needs meticulous calculation as the piles will ultimately be permanently supporting the load of the building. Our specialists, who have competency certificates from the Commission de la Construction du Québec (CCQ), are leaders in their field. You can count on our team’s expert knowledge for professional work that meets all standards!

Installing foundation piling

The 8 key stages

Since we place such high importance on our work being carried out to the highest standards, our experts ensure to monitor every step carried out down to the last detail. We have established an effective process to optimize our work methods. From assessment to backfilling, our experts guide you every step of the way.

Analysis of your foundation

An Alerte Fissure expert will come to examine the condition of your foundation and determine if there is a subsidence of the foundation. A complete inspection of the foundation is necessary to identify any cracks or weaknesses in the footing and also to conduct a leveling survey. The purpose of the level survey is to determine the subsidence and the type of work that will be needed. We will then prepare an action plan to be implemented. The layout and size of the piles to be driven depend on the loads to be supported and the type of soil.

Excavation from the terrain to the equipment

This phase entails preparing the work area and moving objects that could impede the excavation for the pile installation process. We ensure that we maintain excavation slopes in compliance with CNESST standards. In the case of an indoor operation, an excavation or a floor opening will be performed if required.

Installation of the components and driving
of the piles

According to the engineer’s plans, an opening is made in the footing of the foundation to install the sleeve in which the pile will be inserted. Note that each footing will be covered with concrete at the end of the process.

Stabilization foundation pile driving

The steel piles, with a patented tip, are inserted into the sleeves and driven vertically to the bedrock or refusal, using a uniform and safe hydraulic system that produces no vibration.

Straigthening and stabilization

Depending on the problematic, the building and the engineers’ recommendations, we will proceed with the alignment and, subsequently, with the stabilization of the building. In some cases, it is not necessary to proceed with the building’s alignement. The Alerte Fissure expert will ensure that the situation is properly assessed.

Crack repair

Our specialists ensure that all cracks in the work area are repaired and reinforced with steel plates. Our large inventory of crack repair solutions allows us to apply the right product for every situation.

Waterproofing and installation of a french drain

Once the house piles are properly installed, the foundation is waterproofed with a water-repellent coating where needed before being wrapped with a DELTA-MS or DELTA-DRAIN membrane. Then, to prevent moisture from entering the basement, the DELTA-MS or DELTA-DRAIN membrane is used with the installation of a French drain at the base of the perimeter of the foundation. This provides an efficient drainage system.


The last part of the installation of foundation piles involves backfilling the trench by placing 12” of gravel over the drain followed by a geotextile membrane and backfill material. The drain is equipped with chimneys to facilitate its cleaning. Once the above ground treatment of the cracks is completed, we finish off with a layer of topsoil and you will be all set to plant.

Meet our team of experts
Specialists in the installation of foundation piles

For professional work that complies with the applicable standards, it’s important to choose a contractor who is an expert in building stabilization on steel piles. The engineer assigned to the project must also be experienced in using steel piles for stabilization, as this major work requires particular precision and planning and a detail-oriented approach. With a long list of successful projects and many clients recommending their work, Alerte Fissure has made a name for itself as the leader in pile driving and foundation repair.

Alerte Fissure Inc. has completed thousands of projects in collaboration with engineers who work to ensure the practical quality of our solutions. We demonstrate credibility and integrity in all work that we do. Experience the Alerte Fissure difference!

An exceptional Guarantee
on foundation piling

We offer a comprehensive guarantee so you can enjoy peace of mind about your project. It demonstrates our promise of professional service and guarantees the use of quality materials. Trust our team of experts.