Pricing for foundation piling : D'ont delay

The problem can worsen with time

If your foundation is cracking, it is crucial to act quickly to avoid the major expense of installing piles under your home. Cracks can be either passive or active—it’s important to determine which they are to know the best repair method. There can be severe consequences to delaying repairs, such as major foundation subsidence. There are a number of possible causes for cracking, some of the most common being clay soil, rain and the age of the building. Prevent damage and contact our team! If your home needs piles installed, the price is determined according to the following factors:

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The price of the piling
depends on the
dept of
the bedrock

The depth of the bedrock and/or refusal due to the soil composition, project duration and equipment required are factors that determine the price of installing piles under a home.

The terrain and type of soil in which our team works may affect the cost of piling. Our experts will be sure to inform you of the scope of the work after their initial assessment.

The building type
affect the price of piling
Assessment of the scope of the project

The type of building, number of floors and area of the project are factored into the total cost of installing foundation piles. The number of workers, timeline and equipment are also elements considered in the assessment process. Speak to our experts for a complete detailed analysis of the work to be carried out.

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Excavation affects the
price of piling
Property accessibility

The accessibility of the property needs to be taken into consideration to obtain an accurate pricing estimate for installing piles under your home. Our highly specialized equipment designed to work in confined spaces allows us to adapt to projects of all sizes.


A number of cities and municipalities offer subsidies to finance your project and reduce the price of installing foundation piles. There are also various programs in place to offer project financing.

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Our exceptional guarantee is included in the cost of piling

We offer a comprehensive guarantee with the cost of installing piling under your home so you can enjoy peace of mind. It demonstrates our promise to deliver professional services while guaranteeing the use of safe and quality materials. Trust our team of business experts with over 20 years of experience!