Prevent leaks


After an assessment by one of our field experts, we will offer you different solutions and options customized to your specific issue. The experts at Alerte Fissure take the environment and needs of the building into consideration to create a suitable and tailored solution. Alerte Fissure works with a variety of products and in doing so, is able to find the right solution in a timely manner.

The DELTA®-MS membrane



The DELTA®-MS membrane is a highly effective drainage solution that protects the foundation from water leaks while optimizing drainage. DELTA®-MS HDPE is strong, resilient and durable, ensuring an effective useful lifespan that stands the test of time. Unlike a coating, the DELTA®-MS is a solution for cracks of any size that acts as a bridge that channels water and moisture out from the walls of the damaged foundation.

check cercle - Waterproofing - Alerte fissureReduces water pressure in the walls and foundation: An efficient water drainage solution

check cercle - Waterproofing - Alerte fissureA safe product: The membrane is non-toxic and environmentally safe

check cercle - Waterproofing - Alerte fissurePrevents condensation: The drainage prevents the accumulation of water and formation of condensation

check cercle - Waterproofing - Alerte fissureProvides effective drainage through a French drain: The membrane acts as a bridge directing the water into the French drain




During excavation, Alerte Fissure assesses the depth of the foundation in question to offer the right protection against freezing. In freezing temperatures, moist soil tends to expand like ice. This creates a risk of the ice adhering to and moving the foundation. To stop ice from moving below and raising your foundations, you can have outside horizontal insulation installed to prevent moisture in the soil from coming into contact with the foundation while also protecting it from frost.

10-year guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with the durable, permanent solution of installing a membrane with a 10-year guarantee.




When an even more comprehensive solution is required, Alerte Fissure offers a variety of waterproofing solutions customizable to your situation. The DELTA®-DRAIN, for example, is designed to provide protection against water leakages for buildings located near a body of water or that suffered significant water accumulation over the years. This system has a double layer to reduce water pressure more effectively. Contact an Alerte Fissure agent for more details or to review all our available options!

delta drain plan - Waterproofing - Alerte fissure