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We use our extensive experience in the field to help our clients research and apply for different subsidy programs. As there are a number of programs in place for large-scale construction work, we can offer you guidance and information on financing solutions and tax credit for owners. As we know that piling and repairing your foundations are often major projects, Alerte Fissure is proud to offer you different possible solutions for foundation stabilization and for work to improve energy efficiency.

The owner is responsible for the process with the municipalities and governments, the team of experts of Alerte Fissure is present to guide its customers in this process.

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Have your project subsidized

Learn about the different programs

See which subsidy is best for your situation according to the eligibility criteria with an assessment by one of our field experts. They’ll point you in the right direction, fast!

Foundation stabilization

This program offers owner-occupiers financial assistance with foundation work on their residence in cases of subsidence. Speak to our experts to find out if you’re eligible.

Programme Rénovation Québec – Section for homes with cracks

The Société d’habitation du Québec’s Programme Rénovation Québec offers support to homeowners dealing with foundations damaged by clay soil subsidence. Learn more about this program that provides financial assistance for stabilization projects that can cover up to two thirds of the total cost.
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Municipal financing
Obtain an expert compliance report

To receive municipal financing, you must first provide an expert report from an engineer with an assessment of your home’s situation. The experts at Alerte Fissure are qualified to carry out an initial professional assessment, making your job easier by setting you in the right direction for the next steps. Following the specific procedures for your municipality, we provide you with a complete report and a detailed quote for the work to be carried out.


Our specialists will help you provide you a detailed and realistic quote and guide you on the financial assistance available for your project.

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